Truth of World War II – What did Japan fight for


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Truth of Japan’s World War II
Why did Japan have to fight? What did Japan fight for? Japan is the first Asian country that has amazingly modernized and defeated one of Great Western powers, Russian Empire. This brought huge hope to many Asian countries that were suffering from Western colonization. Who else in Asia could do this? Japan fought for Asia, for Asian brothers, and obviously triggered independence of many Asian countries. Japan had fully changed colors of East Asia on the world map.

Did you know?
In Japan except for special occasions, showing the national flag is considered to be an abnormal nationalist or right wing. After WW2 Japanese people have been educated to hesitate ourselves and only learning exaggerated/fabricated negative side of the war. This masochistic view of the war educated by GHQ, who were afraid of Japanese people’s potential, successfully removed patriotism and pride from many Japanese people. However today more and more Japanese people begin to wake up and realize this fact.

Anti-Japan countries such as China, North Korea, and South Korea are fabricating and spreading hatred against Japan. We will become a strong nation again. Please support Japan and Japanese people! We are always very happy to welcome you!

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